Savory Cheese Muffins

This week’s Try It Tuesday is inspired by Tropical Storm Colin. No, there is no tropical-themed meal (although if there’s another storm like this while I’m in Florida, I may go that route!). When I think rainy day, I think soup. I opted for my classic Crock Pot Chicken Noodle. And of course, with soup, you have to serve some kind of freshly prepared bread. Usually, I make corn bread muffins from a boxed mix, but since it was Try It Tuesday, I scoured the Internet looking for a recipe for homemade, savory muffins. Most of the recipes I found featured bacon, for breakfast muffins, or wonderfully complex medleys of onion, garlic, and herbs, which would surely have been delicious but wouldn’t go well with my soup. After refining my key word search a bit more, I finally found a muffin that was a bit closer to what I wanted: Savory Cheese Muffins. You can find the recipe at:

The recipe does say that it makes 12 muffins, but I was only able to fill 9 muffin tins. I’m not sure where the difference came from, but my muffins were normal, medium-sized muffins. The only modifications I made to the recipe were to replace skim milk with whole (my toddler’s milk was the only thing we had in the house) and to grind in a little black pepper. While the muffins had a moist, dense texture that worked well to accompany soup, they were still a bit too bland for my liking. I probably will make these muffins again, but I will use sharp, regularly shredded cheddar cheese (I used mild, finely shredded for this version) and I will add more pepper.

I’d love to see more recipes for savory muffins if anyone has one they’d care to share!

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