Crescent Cheese Danishes

The last time I had family visiting for a holiday, I made a double batch of the Jiffy baking mix cinnamon rolls, and they were a big hit. This past weekend, I didn’t feel quite so industrious, so I decided to try a simpler recipe for danishes — and by simple, I mean that I was able to make part of the recipe (cream cheese filling) the night before and simple assemble the danishes the morning I planned to serve them. You can find the recipe here:


Like I said above, the recipe is simple and kid-friendly. Oddly enough, I was up before my son; otherwise, he could have helped prepare the dough and spoon in the filling. He did enjoy eating the end result. The danishes were soft and sweet. I also enjoyed the little crunchy bits where the brown sugar did not get entirely covered by the cream cheese. I don’t really think the glaze that gets drizzled on at the end is necessary. In fact, the flavor gets lost in the cream cheese. My only real caveat for this recipe is that because it uses refrigerated dough, you need to make them and eat them immediately (remember that if you follow the recipe as it’s written, it makes two dozen small danishes). The texture of the dough isn’t nearly as pleasing once it’s been sitting at room temperature or in the refrigerator. All in all, it’s a good option if you need an easy breakfast for a crowd.

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