Tangy Lemon Curd

Well, the old copies of Good Housekeeping magazine I picked up from the library strike again! I had some lemons in my fridge for a recipe I didn’t end up making (an old Try It Tuesday recipe) and I remembered having ripped out and set aside a recipe for lemon curd. It seemed like a refreshing spring filling for the cream cheese thumbprint cookies I decided to make to take to a friend’s house.

I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten lemon curd before, but I’ve been curious about it since I saw a chef make it on a cooking show. I tend to ignore my culinary curiosity since I’m usually the only person in my household who will eat these new foods. However, Tuesday was the day for me to indulge!

You can find the recipe for the lemon curd online as a part of this post for Sunny-Side-Up Meringues. It’s quite easy to make, but it requires pretty constant attention for about 10 minutes and you need three hours for it to cool in your refrigerator.

I deviated from the recipe in two ways. First, I only had four eggs. The recipe seems to have turned out fine with one fewer egg yolk, though. Second, I think the corn starch clumped at the beginning, so I had to pass my lemon curd through a fine wire sieve to ensure it was smooth.

Finally, I was right on all counts in regards to this recipe. I’m the only person in my house who will eat the lemon curd. My two-year-old son tried a taste, smiled, then refused to eat another bite. His big brother wouldn’t take a taste. I didn’t bother offering any to my husband. And the lemon curd was a great filling for the cookies. It was cool, tart, and velvety smooth. I think I’ll pair the leftover curd with some plain yogurt for a snack.

If you’re looking for a spring treat that looks fancy but whips up easily, lemon curd may be just what you need.

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