Easy Grown-up Ramen

Homemade chicken noodle soup used to be a go-to recipe for my boys. Then we moved overseas and suddenly they stopped enjoying it. Maybe it’s because I started using a different bouillon. Maybe it’s because they’re preschoolers and changing their minds about what they like is just what they do. Maybe the planets aligned and the moon was full. Whatever the reason, I decided that if the boys probably wouldn’t eat my chicken noodle soup anyway, why not try a new recipe.

I receive daily e-mails from Betty Crocker with recipes to try using their products. Recently I saw a recipe for pork ramen in the e-mails and made sure I had the ingredients. However, I decided to do chicken ramen since I was originally planning to make chicken noodle soup.

The original recipe can be found here. I made my version on the stovetop, not in a slow-cooker, because I decided to switch up dinner about an hour before we sat down to eat. The process is essentially the same, but you add the broth to your pot of veggies and chicken and simmer until you’re ready to eat (at least 30 minutes). My family refuses to try mushrooms, so I left those out. I also replaced the fresh ginger with about 3/4 teaspoon ground ginger. If you pick this option, start small (1/2 teaspoon) and add more to taste.

Instead of chopping the garlic I grated the peeled cloves on the smallest side of a box grater. It gives a nice consistency between minced and pressed without the trouble of chopping the wobbly, sticky cloves. My house smelled strongly of garlic after making this, so I was worried that the other flavors in the ramen would be lost. However, the cooked garlic was mild and balanced nicely with the ginger, soy sauce, and green onions. Much to my surprise, even my boys liked it. They ate quite a bit with no negotiation. “How many bites before I get dessert?” is a common refrain at our table.

We paired it with garlic toast, which is certainly not traditional but was satisfying. I also added some fresh sugar snap peas on top of my noodles. Their crispness and freshness complemented the soft, salty ramen dish nicely (yes, complemented, not complimented). I like that I have another option for Asian cuisine that my family will enjoy and that isn’t chicken and brocolli fried rice. Not that my boys will eat rice right now anyway…

In the end, I give this dish two thumbs up for this Try It Tuesday!

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