Banana Coffee Caramel Ice Cream

Just for the heck of it, I’m doing a post. We recently got back from vacation and our schedule was completely thrown off. That meant I wasn’t getting up in time to make a lunch for the hubby which in turn meant that I had five very ripe bananas to use. I knew I’d make a loaf of banana bread, but I’ve been getting bored with banana bread, muffins, cookies… when suddenly inspiration hit, bananas foster! And since I had leftover whipping cream from making a dessert for friends on the keto diet, I decided I’d add the bananas foster to ice cream.

I found an easy recipe that I quartered since I’m the only one who’ll eat it and got to work. The only ingredient I didn’t have was rum (or extract). Then inspiration hit again: I decided to use coffee extract instead. In the end, I also added an extra batch of the bananas foster filling.

It turned out GREAT, though the texture was a little icy because I don’t have an ice cream maker. Give this a try some time!

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