Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Black Bean Brownies

If you prefer cakey brownies, this recipe is not for you. If you are unable to wait for a while before sampling your treats from the oven, this recipe is not for you. Now then, if you like cool, fudgy, sweet treats, read on!

I’ve had black bean brownies before and felt rather underwhelmed. The flavor and texture were only okay, certainly not tempting enough for me to take the time to prepare them myself. However, I have a whole lot of beans in my pantry right now. I hoped between the peanut butter and the admonition from the blogger who posted this recipe to let the brownies cool in the fridge overnight before eating them I’d found a winning recipe. 

Overall, I’d say that if I’m going to make black bean brownies, this is how I’d do it. Check out the recipe at the following link. My comments on the recipe will be just below!
These really are fudge-like. I loved pairing the cool richness of the brownie with the hot sharpness of my coffee this afternoon. I must say that the health benefits from the beans made me feel better about my afternoon indulgence, and the chocolate soothed my nerves after the fiasco (three times over) that was potty training thus far today. I let my oldest son try a few bites, and he didn’t notice that these were not traditional brownies — he knows when the pizza is homemade though. That said, I could tell the difference. The texture isn’t quite as smooth, and I noticed the floral notes from the honey I used as the sweetener. It wasn’t bad, but it was different. I might experiment with white or brown sugar next time since I don’t have a problem with using sugar in my desserts. Finally, while the peanut butter is a nice addition, the flavor is fairly subtle here. If you’re a peanut butter fiend, don’t expect that element to dominate. 

I still have three cans of black beans in my pantry. Let me know if you have a great recipe to use them in!

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