Snickerdoodle Blondies

I was very uncertain about these blondies when I came across this recipe. After all, snickerdoodles are supposed to be so soft they practically melt in your mouth. On the other hand, blondies are chewy and buttery. Could these two sweet snacks really meld into one? I didn’t know, but in my house, snickerdoodles always disappear fast, so I thought this recipe was worth a try.

Boy, was it ever worth it! Check it out here:

Although my husband looked at his first serving with a great deal of suspicion, he actually ended up bargaining with me for the last blondie in the cookie jar!

Which brings me to my comments on this recipe. These bars store well in a sealed container after you’ve sliced them. Or, put them in your kids’ lunchboxes for a great homemade treat.

Like most bars, they are also simpler and quicker to make than traditional snickerdoodles. The success of this recipe makes me want to explore recipes for other bar-versions of our favorite cookies.

As for flavor and texture, “blondies” is a misnomer because these capture the smooth, thick, melty perfection of a good snickerdoodle. They don’t taste super sweet despite the 2 cups of sugar. And don’t be afraid of the topping. The cinnamon might look overwhelming on the top of these bars, but the flavor and texture are perfectly balanced.

My husband has already insisted that I make these again. Try them and see if this becomes a repeat recipe in your household as well.

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