Milk-Braised Pork Loin

I had actually chosen a different recipe for this week’s Try It Tuesday, but I had a full gallon of milk in my refrigerator that was going to expire soon. So instead, I made some rice pudding for fellowship at church and gave this recipe for milk-braised pork loin in a slow cooker a try for dinner. 

It’s a recipe with a lot of flavor potential: fresh sage, garlic, lemon. I must say, my house smelled great from the moment I started searing the pork and sautĂ©ing the garlic and sage. Sadly, these flavors didn’t carry through for me — though that may not be the fault of the recipe. My sauce broke! Either the low setting on my slow cooker runs a little hot or I simply cooked the pork loin in its sauce too long. I’ll spare you the details of the mess in my slow cooker, but I think the garlic, sage, and lemon flavored the sauce (which was inedible), not the pork. 

Luckily, the pork still tasted good, if a little lackluster, and it was tender. I won’t rush to make this again, but if I need to use up a lot of milk, I’d be willing to give this recipe another shot. If you try it and it works for you, let me know how the sauce tastes!

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