Hot Dog Bun Garlic Toast

I had a partial package of hot dog buns in my pantry that needed using and in my family we prefer wheat bread for our everyday sandwiches. So I turned to the internet for some ideas. Croutons were a popular option; sadly I’m the only salad-eater in the house. With the ridiculously hot weather we’vd been having, I liked the sound of a white bean panzanella salad; but again, I’m the only salad-eater. When I saw multiple recipes for turning these sandwich staples into garlic toast, I was pretty sure I’d found a winner, especially since I was already planning to make spaghetti tonight. You’ll find the recipe I used here:

There were a number of recipes for this, so if this doesn’t work for you and what you have on hand, you should be able to find something that does. I made a couple tweaks. I didn’t have the dried basil, so I used a few dashes of dried oregano. I also used butter instead of margarine. Finally, my oven runs hot and this bread is already cooked, so I decreased the oven temperature to 385 degrees and pulled my garlic toast out before the 10-minute mark. The key really is to watch them closely and take them out when they are colored how you like your bread. 

These are less hearty than the store-bought garlic toast. However, I felt like that paired well with a carb-heavy dish like spaghetti. Everyone in my house liked them, including my son who is notorious for refusing anything that varies from how I usually make a particular dish. I’ll be making these again the next time I have leftover hot dog buns. 

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