Mug Cakes

Since our return from vacation I have been trying to nix unnecessary snacks in an effort to be healthier. That means the pantry and cookie jar are a bit bare. But sometimes I just need an early afternoon pick-me-up. In the past, I’d just whip up a batch of cookies; however, I know my weaknesses. I’d be the one to eat most of that batch.

Enter the mug cake. I’ve seen quite a few recipes for mug cakes, mug breakfasts, and mug entrees pop up on social media and I’ve saved a few that I was particularly curious about. My craving for one-serving treat yesterday made it the perfect time to finally try one of these cakes. You can find the recipe for the first cake I tried (chocolate peanut butter!) below: 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake

I didn’t do the peanut butter mousse or the chocolate syrup; I was in the mood for something a bit more simple and I wanted to be sure to taste the cake. The flavor was good, but slightly marred by the fact that I overcooked the cake. I checked it after one minute and it looked like the middle wasn’t cooked yet, so I continued cooking it. What a mistake! If I had stopped there, I would have had a molten cake. Instead, the texture was dry and crumbly… I still ate every bite with the help of the Cool Whip I put on top, but it wasn’t as decadent as it should have been.

The fact that this didn’t work out quite like I’d hoped inspired me to search for a vanilla mug cake. I also hoped to find an option for my husband when he randomly asks for cake after dinner. The recipe for a vanilla mug cake that I tried today can be found below:

Vanilla Mug Cake

This was a great success. I stopped at one minute, then only added 15 seconds to finish cooking it. The texture was super moist and gooey. The flavor was perfectly simple. I whipped up a basic buttercream icing that I put in a dollop on top so it melted down from the top into each bite. At the bottom, there was a creamy sauce. I’m not sure if it was more molten cake batter or melted icing, but it tasted delicious. I think I can wow my hubby with this recipe.

Just a few notes: one mug cake could easily be shared by two people. Also, be careful not to overcook your cakes. After that first minute, cook more in small increments. Finally, just because these are small, don’t assume they’re less complicated than regular cakes. You don’t just dump all the ingredients in a mug and cook. You will still have multiple dishes – they’ll just be smaller dishes!

What started as a treat just for me is now a dessert that I’m pumped to share with my husband.

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