Shrimp Boil Foil Packets

Our grilling adventures continued this week with shrimp boil foil packets. I checked with both my sister (who was visiting) and my husband to be sure they’d be willing to try it. As per my preference, I just threw the ingredients together, tossed them in the foil packets, and my husband grilled them. The only major change I made was to decrease the Old Bay Seasoning from three tablespoons to two. Otherwise, I used canned corn and potatoes. It made the meal a bit quicker and easier. 

My husband and I really enjoyed the rich, buttery taste of this dinner. The Old Bay Seasoning, which I’ve never used before, added some freshness. However, my sister isn’t a big seafood person, so she was unconvinced. The kids (ages almost 3 and almost 4), ate without complaining, but weren’t wild about the dish. I’d make this again for a get-together, but with an alternate meal for kids.

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