No-Churn Ice Cream

It’s been a busy week. On top of that, no one in my family has slept well, and I’m working on starting to do freelance proofreading. With so much going on, my brain is struggling to keep up (and I’m looking forward to a quiet schedule in August). In other words, sorry for the missed post on Tuesday. What better way to say, “I’m sorry,” than with ice cream? 

This no-churn ice cream was ridiculously easy and perfect for personalizing. In fact, I poured the basic mixture into two containers and made one birthday cake ice cream and one honey swirl (!!!). Just swirl in honey instead of icing and you’ll have my favorite of the two flavors. My husband preferred the birthday cake – not surprising since I can bribe him to do just about anything for cake. Try your own flavors: peanut butter swirl with peanut butter cups, maple crisp, cherry chocolate… The possibilities are endless! 

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