Honey Ham and Swiss Crescent Twists

Quite honestly, this is a recipe that popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. I know these things are really just advertisements, but this sounded so good (and so simple) that I went out and bought the necessary ingredients last week. Then, when I realized I’d forgotten to get the roast for last night’s dinner out of the freezer, I decided to do Try It Tuesday a day early. You can find the recipe for the Honey Ham and Swiss Crescent Twists here: https://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/honey-ham-and-swiss-crescent-twists/5f4a21e9-e44b-4bca-bdc6-975e363d2220

Yes, this was simple. Yes, they tasted great (in my opinion… luckily I made pepperoni rolls as a backup for my finicky hubby and son).

The website says these are meant to be appetizers, but refrigerated dough tends to have the best taste and texture fresh out of the oven. While they wouldn’t be bad after sitting on a table with other appetizers for an hour or so, they certainly wouldn’t be at their best. But I really feel these work better as a lunch or light dinner served with salad, fruit, or a steamed veggie.  I also think serving them with a dipping sauce like honey mustard or apricot jam would add some pizazz. 

My only complaint is that the ham and cheese didn’t stay in the dough very well as I was twisting them. The problem seemed to stem from the fact that I’d chopped the filling into little squares like the recipe photos show. Next time, I’ll try laying the whole slices between the sheets of dough instead. Since you slice through the sandwiched ingredients anyway, I think the twists will still look nice while being more manageable.

Enjoy! I sure did!

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