Peanut Butter Cup Pudding

Our favorite grocery store had bags of peanut butter cups on sale for $1.25. I also have been needing to take it easier than I (or my two-year-old) am used to thanks to a somewhat difficult pregnancy, so I’ve been looking for quick, fun activities I can do with my son between rests. He’s much more willing to play quietly and independently when I find these sorts of things. It’s also pretty warm out, so I’m reluctant to turn on the oven. 

All of this inspired me to look up some pudding recipes during a kick count (baby number 2 is an active little guy). I came across this recipe and decided it was a better choice than avocado pudding (yum!) simply because I had all of the ingredients:

I got all of the equipment and ingredients out on the table then called my son over. This was such a great recipe for him to help with because there was so much for him to do: count and unwrap the peanut butter cups, use the chopper, dump ingredients, stir, and, of course, lick the spoon. For both of us, the hardest part was not eating the peanut butter cups while we unwrapped them and waiting to taste the pudding until it had had a chance to chill.

I really liked that the recipe used vanilla pudding. I’m sure chocolate would taste great, too (or even banana cream), but the vanilla let the peanut butter be the star of the show. I used sugar-free pudding, but regular or even cook and serve would work, too. I would avoid using pre-made pudding cups, however, because the peanut butter wouldn’t mix in smoothly. That said, in order to get the best texture here, you need to make sure to mix vigorously and long enough to achieve a smooth pudding. If you’re doing this by hand, it takes a few minutes. Also, it’s important to let the pudding chill for an hour or so. Not only does this improve the texture, but it makes the taste of the artificial sweetener less pronounced if you’re using sugar free.
All in all, this was a great success. My son and I enjoyed making and eating this treat. I’m sure I’ll pull this out again in the summer months when it gets really hot.

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