Baking Mix Cinnamon Rolls

20161025_084938When scanning a box of Jiffy Baking Mix for the recipe for biscuits the other day, the other recipes printed on it piqued my interest, especially this recipe for cinnamon rolls. I grew up eating the Pillsbury refrigerated kind on holidays; my husband’s grandma always serves the yeasty frozen kind. My recipes that use yeast never seem to rise as they should, but while living in France (no Pillsbury dough-boy in the land of the baguette and pain au raisin!), I tried making homemade yeast-based cinnamon rolls. For once they turned out great. Unfortunately, they take more time than I usually have on any given morning, so this quick and easy recipe caught my attention. Here’s the same recipe on the Jiffy website:

Unsurprisingly, I made a few modifications. First, I melted my butter to make it easier to spread evenly on the dough. Second, I replaced the 1/3 cup sugar with 1/3 cup brown sugar. I love the richer taste brown sugar provides. Third, I decreased the cooking temperature by 10 degrees because I don’t like to over brown my breads. The next change was accidental: I forgot to drizzle with corn syrup. Oops! I’m not sure what effect it would have had, other than adding sweetness and maybe making the rolls extra sticky. Finally, instead of baking 12-15 small cinnamon rolls, I made 4 large ones, maximizing the ratio of crisp outer layer to ooey-gooey inner layers.20161025_083221

These sumptuous cinnamon rolls literally melted in our mouths. I topped them with canned cream cheese frosting, but I could have eaten mine without frosting – or perhaps with just a drizzle of it. In fact, they were so rich and filling that my husband didn’t finish his, which is unheard of. His approval, however, was more reserved than mine or my son’s. He prefers harder cinnamon rolls that you can pick up with your hands. These slightly crumbly rolls required forks. I think I could fix that, though, by bumping the baking temperature up to 425 (what the recipe instructs) and baking on the long end of the suggested cook-time.

On a final positive note, my two-year-old helped me with the quick and easy mixing and measuring. He also got a kick out of sprinkling the brown sugar and cinnamon mixture over the dough. I love getting him involved in the kitchen, so this was a fun recipe for us both! No question about it: I WILL make these cinnamon rolls again soon.20161025_085242

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