Cabbage Roll Soup


On a cold, cloudy day a hot bowl of homemade soup is just the thing to have for dinner – and I recently had such a day. On top of that, my son and I were going out to a fall festival with friends and then going to visit my grandfather, meaning I would have no time to do much predinner prep in the afternoon or evening. All the more reason to try a new soup recipe for my slow cooker.

While at a farmer’s market that I’d been wanting to check out for a few weeks now, I saw some beautiful heads of cabbage, which made me think of a recipe I’d saved on Facebook for Cabbage Roll Soup. You’ll find the link here:

Now, this recipe is for the stove-top, so I just did a little research and changed the cooking method for a slow cooker. The only real difference is that you cook the rice separately and add it at the end. Also, cook the beef, onions, and garlic together before putting them in the slow cooker. You cook the soup on low 8-10 hours in a slow cooker. I had about 6 hours to work with, so I put my soup on high for 2 hours and low for 4. The cabbage was perfectly cooked.

I enjoyed the hearty, comforting soup, though I felt like there was a bit too much thyme. I would probably reduce that by half, though my parents liked the soup as is. My son preferred the bread of course, but didn’t put up a fuss about eating the soup; with a 2-year-old, that counts as a win.

If you use different herbs in your cabbage rolls, I’d love to know what they are so I can play with this recipe a bit.

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