Lime Shortbread Cookies

When purchasing the ingredients to make fresh salsa, my grocery store of choice was rearranging and I had to buy a whole sack of limes instead of just one. Yes, I could have gone to another store, but I was exhausted by that point in my day and I didn’t want to deal with getting my son in and out of the car seat, cart, and store all over again. So, I’ve been using the leftover limes to try some extra recipes.

After typing “Lime Recipes” into my preferred search engine, I came upon a collection of recipes from Martha Stewart and decided to try the “Lime Flowers” since the recipe said four limes would be needed, effectively reducing my sack of limes by half. Here’s the link:

Without realizing it, I chose the perfect recipe for my morning. After prepping the lime zest and juice (it turned out I only needed 2 limes), I called my son out to the kitchen to help make the dough. He loves dumping pre-measured flour, sugar, butter, etc. into the bowl and turning the mixer on and off. Then, I sent him off to play in the living room for 10 minutes while I got the dough in the freezer and cleaned up. When Sesame Street came on, I let him watch while I cut out and baked the cookies… which took almost exactly the length of one Sesame Street episode.

How did the cookies turn out? Well, you have to like tart sweets like lemonade to appreciate these little lime shortbread cookies. I do, so these were a win in my book. My son, who couldn’t resist a finger-full of dough from the bowl before I could stop him, took a few tries before he decided they were okay. The dough was a shock to his taste buds: the last thing we made together was chocolate muffins and he expected more of the same on his finger. One lick and he tried to give it to me saying, “No, no.” Once the cookies were baked, I shared a cookie with him to let him try again. He remained unconvinced until lunchtime when he got to share another cookie with me. At that point, he did actually ask for a little more.

The only tweaks I’d suggest to the recipe have nothing to do with the taste (flawless). Rather, the method needed some adjustment because the dough, when first mixed, is so soft! The best way to flatten out the 10” disks as the recipe instructs is to spread some plastic wrap on a cookie sheet and sprinkle it with flour. This will be your “lightly floured surface.” I simply couldn’t wrap my dough or pick it up to put it in the freezer any other way.

That said, I didn’t sprinkle our cookies with powdered sugar either. Most of our cookies were going to Meals On Wheels and the powdered sugar wouldn’t survive spending a few days in the freezer before we delivered them to our church. I also didn’t want to deal with a toddler covered in powdered sugar and let’s face it, he would have gotten the stuff everywhere!

All in all, these simple cookies are a great treat and work well with little cooks!20160818_10220720160818_105241

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