Turkey and Vegetable Hand Pies

First, let me apologize for not posting last week. We had my nieces staying at the house and with three kids under three running around, I honestly just forgot to post!20160913_174410

Well, this pregnant lady discovered a new food aversion (to be added to pork): pie crust. *Sigh* These turkey and vegetable hand pies should have been a great dinner option for me. Flavorful sweet Italian turkey sausage and vegetables wrapped in a tender crust… it sounded great! It smelled great! My parents swear it tasted great! But I had to force down my tiny serving until I gave up and just ate left-over filling served over white rice like my son.

Before I explain my modifications, here’s the original recipe:


As I mentioned above, I replaced plain ground turkey with three links of sweet Italian sausage. I also forgot that we used the last of the onion in our veggie packets last night, so I left that out. Finally, I used left-over store bought crust from a quiche I made last week – nope, the pie crust didn’t bother me then. That meant that my hand pies were a little small and cooked a bit more quickly than the recipe directed, only about 20 minutes in the oven.

Obviously, this time around, I can’t offer a detailed, objective (as objective as something like this can be) review. However, despite the number of individual steps, the recipe is easy to follow and requires no special cooking skills. Everyone loved the hand pies, and my son and I enjoyed the filling when I put it over plain rice. I may come back to this one once Kelson baby number 2 makes his/her appearance and my food aversions disappear. Or, I may just make the filling and continue to serve it with rice!

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