Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

This Try It Tuesday, I was looking for a recipe to finish up some plain Greek yogurt in the fridge, preferably something my toddler could help me mix up. He loves to dump in the ingredients I measure out and to turn on the stand mixer. I decided muffins would be the best bet, so I started my internet search. After some careful recipe scanning, I found a recipe for {Healthier} Double Chocolate Chip Muffins that seemed to fit what I was looking for. You can find the recipe here:

My son was able to “help” quite a bit with this recipe (even if his favorite part was sneaking fingerfuls of batter), a testament to the ease with which you can bake these muffins. Despite my rather intense sweet tooth, I do feel that muffins should not be too sweet, otherwise they cross from breakfast or snack food to dessert fare. These muffins fit that expectation perfectly. The full cup of cocoa powder gave a rich, chocolate flavor that was pleasantly lightened by the chocolate chips.

I found that the flavor could be appreciated best after the muffins cooled – sometimes fresh from the oven is best, but not here. The muffins seemed a little dry, though. This could be because it took us a few days to eat them and the weather may have caused them to go stale faster than usual.

We didn’t use icing for our muffins, so I can’t judge that part of the recipe.

Overall, this is definitely a recipe that I will repeat!20160809_085900

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