Glazed Chicken and Peaches

When I think of summertime and food, I think of grilling out. It’s just what Americans do in the summer. I am not much of a griller, though. I’ve just never cooked much on one. So this week was a double challenge: make a new dish and cook on the grill.

Since I’m staying with my parents for a few months, my dad showed me how to light their grill and set the temperature properly (the gauges on the outside are stuck at 350 and 500). Then he set me loose to cook up the glazed chicken and peaches. I had already prepared the glaze and sliced the peaches during my son’s naptime. The most complicated part about the recipe was alternating the cooking between the chicken and the peaches, but even that was pretty simple as you can see from the full recipe here: (just a little note, I used the print version of the magazine, which listed the recipe under the name I used for the title).

The family reviews of this recipe were mixed. My family thoroughly enjoyed the peaches. My dad commented on their nice, smoky flavor. They reminded me of my grandma Jean’s canned peaches. On the other hand, most everyone thought the chicken tasted bland. The glaze may have added more flavor as a marinade or even as a dipping sauce. I will say that we did not have the soy sauce that the recipe called for, so I subbed Worcestershire sauce. That may have affected the flavor of the chicken slightly, but I don’t feel like that would account for the blandness.

If, like me, you’ve always hesitated at the thought of grilling your fruit for dessert, this recipe convinced me that it’s worth trying, even if the chicken isn’t.

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