Firecracker Cake

20160704_121303Once again, I’m a day early. Once again, I have a good reason: the Fourth of July! This recipe for Firecracker Red, White, and Blue Bundt Cake from Betty Crocker showed up in my e-mail a few weeks ago and I’ve been wanting to whip it up since I read it. The cake is festive and requires a bit more prep than I usually do for cakes (Full disclosure: I believe in homemade everything… except cake. I have never tasted a homemade cake that tastes better than a boxed mix. Feel free to share your favorite recipes if you have one that you think might change my mind). Because of the extra prep, it felt a bit more special for a holiday lunch with my husband and his entire nuclear family.

There were no big surprises on this particular recipe because it called for a boxed cake mix and store-bought icing. However, the lack of surprise means it tasted great. It looked cute, too, although I forgot to purchase sprinkles, which would have added some pizzazz to the look of the dessert and some crunch to the texture. If you have any more patriotic celebrations this summer, this dessert is a fast, cute, and tasty option!


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